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Sign up your daughter, niece, god-daughter, or family friends to have  fun and exciting STEM experiments delivered straight to their door each month.

Get Curious

Read through our handout and check out the instructional and educational videos from our highlighted women in STEM to learn about the concept.


Explore that month's STEM topic by doing the experiment. Each box contains all the necessary equipment to complete several trials of the experiment.

What's inside your StemBox?

Fun and Sophisticated Science

Each box contains all the necessary components to complete a STEM experiment. StemBoxes are designed to be fun and engaging for girls of ages 7 to 13. We want girls to develop an emotional connection to STEM in order to help them pursue their dreams when the going gets tough.


What people are saying about StemBox

  • Melinda Gates

    I developed a love for science early on. With StemBox young girls can do the same.

    MTV News

    A monthly-subscription box of real science-y goodness delivered right to your door. Think Birchbox meets Bill Nye. Read More

    A Proud Parent

    It was hands on and made interesting for daughter is all over DNA now.

  • Michael R. Perkins

    Thank you so much for starting this fantastic company. Women and girls have been crying out for something like this for GENERATIONS.

    Collin G. Parkman

    My little niece is so hooked on this product. It's totally fun activity for her and it's another way of family fun activity I could help them to do together. Wish I had it when I was growing up. I could've been a scientist, too.

    Michael V. Monroy

    It's more 'actual' science than other packages I've seen/tried.

  • Josiah T. Morgan

    She was really into the experiment and wanted to do it mostly herself, watching the video carefully and backing it up as needed, then repeating the experiment with different conditions. This was a big win and great here in DC area when we were snowed in for days.

    Clint H. Mitchell

    So inspiring for my 8 year old. The experiment was just challenging enough to make her feel like she was accomplishing something, but with easy to follow directions.

    Ronald J. Petersen

    I love that it's not all dumbed down and pink and frilly. I love that the kit included actual items scientists use. Seriously, well done.

Makes the perfect gift!

Know any young scientists that could use a regular stream of awesome science experiments in their lives? Give them the gift of exploration and science by subscribing them to StemBox today!


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  • We ship on the 25th of every month.

  • Our cutoff is the 16th of each month. For example, if you want a Februray box, you need to sign up on or before February 16th. If you sign up on February 11th, you will receive March’s Box.

  • No way! Although we adore chemistry we realize that there is a severe need for girls to be introduced to all of the STEM topics. We  feature electrical engineering, computer programming,  math, spatial awareness, and biology experiments as well.

  • Absolutely! Here at StemBox, we believe in breaking down stereotypical ideas about gender and toys. We love it when we see boys asking for their own StemBoxes and becoming young STEMinists. Science is for everyone! However, due to the lack of girls in STEM it is clear that action needs to be taken to reach out to girls who may not think science is for them by meeting them where their interests currently lie. And sometimes that means adding a bit of pink!

  • Unfortunately, StemBox does not yet ship internationally. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when we start shipping outside the US!

  • StemBox is made for girls who are 8-13 years old.

  • Subscribe as usual and then cancel your subscription in your account settings. You will still receive your boxes, you just won’t be automatically rebilled. You can reactivate at any time!

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