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Aviation and Aerodynamics
April 2016

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Aviation and Aerodynamics

Thousands of airplanes take flight every day, but have you ever wondered how a big metal tube that weighs tons stays in the air? Our aviation and aerodynamics box is a great place to start! In this box we take a look a the 4 forces of flight, Bernoulli's Principle, and experiment with these elements using the scientific method to create the mot effective paper airplane at home!

Experiment Instructional Videos

Research Aviation On The Web!

  • The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

    From balloons to spacecrafts, kids will learn how things fly through fun explainers and activities like "Rocket lab" which lets you design your own rocket! Kids can also submit questions about aerodynamics that will be answered by fellow kids!
    + open link

    Aero! By Game Desk

    This super fun game was developed in collaboration with none other than Bill Nye the Science Guy! Kids will keep an albatross soaring through the air as you encounter 15 challenges that reinforce physics and aerodynamics concepts.
    + Download the app

    How to Make Paper Airplanes

    This app will take your paper airplane savvy to the next level! Build dozens of paper airplane models and see how they fly. We recommend taking this game from digital to real life!
    + Download the app!

  • NASA's Kids Club

    Take your knowledge of aerodynamics out of this world and into space! Get kid-friendly NASA updates, plus cool activities and media that will bolster your steminist's understanding of aerodynamics!
    + open link

    Seattle Museum of Flight

    Located in the Pacific Northwest and interested in learning more about the Museum of Flight where Kina interviewed Chelsea Olson this month? Check out the Museum of Flight! A trip to the museum is an awesome weekend activity or school trip for steminists of all ages to learn about the priniciples of flight!
    + Visit the museum!

    Sci Show

    "What are those things on airplanes' wings?" Hank Green hosts this YouTube series and explores the tangled bits of metal on the wings of airplanes. If you're like me, I'm sure you've wondered what those bits are about. Watch his video to find out!
    + Watch Sci Show

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Troubleshooting the
Aviation Box

Are your balloons being a pain while you're trying to get your Bernoulli experiment to work? Not to worry, this happens to us too! The key is to let the balloons work it out and give them a few seconds (minutes, if necessary!) to settle. Eventually the balooons will calm down and you will have two straight hanging balloons. If you'd rather not wait, you can use a dryer sheet to remove the static cling between the balloons! Just rub the dryer sheet over the surface of the balloons to relieve static. This is especially important because we want to prove that it's Bernoulli's principle bring the balloons together and not static!

We totally get it! This thicker cardstock for this airplane can become very difficult to fold very quickly. Our best suggestion is to use your masking tape to keep folds together without compromising the weight variable in more weighs than just the paper. If you don't mind messing with your weight variable paper clips are a good fix too! BUT time for a fun fact! The most a piece of paper can be folded in half is 7 or 8 times and in extreme cases as many as 12! Crazy right?
+ Read more about it here!

Don't fret, Kina did this too her first time folding this paper airplane. Our best recommendation for this mistake is to simply tape the plane back together with the provided masking tape and try again OR you can print out a new airplae using the PDF link at the top of the page.

Folding paper airplanes isn't exactly the most intuitive thing! We recommend watching our above YouTube Tutorials so you can see these planes being folded by Kina and Caroline! (We promise it will help.) Another key solution would be to begin folding with the markings on the paper face down on the table, so when you're reading instructions and you're exposing the numbers as directed!

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