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The Entomology Box

This month, StemBox has teamed up with the Bug Chicks to bring our steminists a full-blown entomology box. Any preconceived notions you may have about bugs will be out the door the second you get on their level with this month's technique. Steminists will begin by investigating bilateral symmetry, then go on to learn about insect classification as they assemble the tools and insight needed to create their very own entomological-grade collection of bugs.So grab your collecting jar and get out there!

Experiment Instructional Videos

Research Bugs on the Web!

  • The Bug Chicks

    This month, StemBox collaborated with the Bug Chicks to bring you a box all about bugs! Kristie Reddick and Jess Honaker are the entomologists who teach about the incredible world of insects, spiders and other arthropods. They produce awesome videos and resources for the discerning bugdork!
    Meet the bug chicks!


    You may have noticed a coupon included in this month's box offering a discount for Celestron's microscopes. This is where it can be redeemed. The world of bugs can be a big one, but to truly appreciate the science of each individual insect, a microscope can make a huge difference.
    Check out all Celestron has to offer here!

    Creating the Bug Box

    Ever curious what goes into developing a StemBox? This month our founder and CEO, Kina shares the journey in the company's latest blog post. From a phone call with Kina's mom to a workshop that involved hissing cockroaches, beetles, and vinegaroons, this box was a total blast to create and test.
    Read on!

  • Bug Guide

    Alright, you've caught a ton of bugs, used your flowchart to help identify them, but you still want to know more? Fantastic, that's the true spirit of a steminist! Check out Bug Guide to learn more about the bugs you've found. Just snap a photo of the bug in question and submit it for classification on the site. The community of entomologists can help you figure out what it is!
    Solve the mystery!

    Become an Entomologist

    Has this box sparked something special? Perhaps a newfound love of all things bugs? Are you thinking that you could do this for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?! Good news! Becoming an entomologist is an awesome career path that can fill your life with travel, bugs, and new discoveries!
    Learn what it takes to become an entomologist here.

    Monarch Watch

    If creepy-crawlies aren't quite your game, but you love the beautiful butterflies you see in the spring and summer months, then you should check out Monarch Watch. Monarch Watch is a nonprofit based out of Kansas that focuses on rehabilitating the Monarch butterfly population. With resources to read about Monarch rearing, kits, and a community to draw inspiration from there is plenty to keep you busy.
    Join the community!

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Troubleshooting the
Entomology Box

Bugs exist in almost every type of environment, so if you are having a hard time finding them near your home it may be time for a field trip. Try heading out to the nearest park or pond nearby. Turn on your porch lights and turn over some rocks too!

The bigger the bug, the longer the freeze. Tiny bugs may only require 1-2 days in the freezer, while bigger bugs may require 4-5 days. It's always best to err on the side of caution when freezing your bugs, the worst thing that would happen is to pin a bug you thought was dead, but comes back to life.

If you base your ethics on the scientific standard, then yes, it is definitely ethical to kill bugs in the name of research. However, the bugs must be collected for science, and that means properly labeling all of your specimen. Part of protecting species and learning more about their biology requires that some be kept and killed to learn more. If you are a vegetarian or vegan we can see how this conflicts with your moral standards and that's totally okay! An alternative to live bugs may be to use dead bugs, or none at all. If you'd prefer not to kill bugs just email us and we'll send you an alternative box to explore!

If your StemBox is missing pieces or you're having other issues, email us!
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We are happy to help and will do our best to send you a replacement piece ASAP!