Strawberry DNA Extraction

This box ships January 2016. The last date to sign up is December 31st 2015.

Ever wanted to know what DNA looks like? Or heck, what  DNA even is?
Getting your Strawberry DNA Extraction StemBox is a good first step,
but if you want to know more check out the additional resources below!

Research DNA on the web!

DNA Game : Match the base pairs of a replicating DNA strand on the Nobel Prize website. See how many you can match while the DNA replicates. But be careful,  too many mistakes could lead to mutations beyond repair!

Crash Course : John Green leads YouTube viewers through fun and unique lessons on all things DNA! Great for other science topics too.

Khan Academy : Khan Academy is a free online learning resource that uses videos to teach about all topics imaginable. Learn your way through DNA basics, replication, Mendelian genetics, and more. ( Psst! This site got Kina through a lot of Organic Chemistry in college!)

DNA Wikipedia :  Learn the basics of DNA on Wikipedia, the world's open sourced encyclopedia.

Rosalind Franklin :  Everything you need to know about the woman who took Photo 51, the first image of DNA via Wikipedia. Her work is largely under represented in the scientific community when it comes to the discovery of DNA's structure.

Watson and Crick : The two scientists who used Rosalind Franklin's research to build the first 3D model of the DNA double helix. Learn about DNA's structure and the controversy that ensued from the lack of permission in using Rosalind's Photo 51. Scandalous!

US National Library of Medicine : A trusty government resource for those looking for nothing but the facts.

23andMe : A biotechnology company that sequences YOUR DNA to tell  you all about it.  A fun gift for serious DNA enthusiasts.   ( This is on Kina's Christmas List!)