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Magnets are everywhere! Have you ever thought about how many uses they have in everyday life? You see them on fridges, in computers, in credit card processors at the grocery store, in hospitals to generate MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), in recycling, in speakers… this list could go on for a long time! But have you ever stopped and wondered what makes a magnet work? This month’s box will pull you into the field of physics known as magnetism. So let’s get to work!

Research Magnets on the Web!

  • Bird Brains

    We all know that birds head south for the winter, but birds can't read street signs, so how do they do this? Well for sometime researchers have suspected that there's some sort magnetism in bird brains. But now they have research to support that! Read the report from Nature here.
    Learn more!

    Crash Course

    The guys at Crash Course are hilarious and super fun to learn from. Check out their YouTube video to see what they have to say about magnetism!
    Watch the video!

    Maglev Trains

    Did you know that magnets are already being used go levitate trains?! Sounds crazy, but it's real! While it might not be to the degree of Star Wars levitating trains, it's certainly on its way there. Learn how they work here.
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  • Cool Magnet Tricks

    Pick from 17 cool magnet tricks to use your newfound knowledge of magnetism on! Can you modify any of these to try something cool and new? Share your cool tricks with us on Facebook!
    Make some magic!

    Magnet Painting

    Sounds weird right? But it could actually be SUPER cool and not to mention scientific art. That's what this project does! And you can use the magnets in this months box to give it a try.
    Get crafty!

    Magnetic Sixth Sense

    If you read the article we showed you earlier about bird brains then this experiment is the logical next step. Do humans have a similar ability? Do we have a magnetic sixth sense that helps guide us? Read about the scientist who thinks he's found it here.
    Investigate the research!

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Troubleshooting the
Magnet Box

Try reorienting the direction of your magnets on your pencil first, and if that doesn't work it may be time to retry your setup. Start by stacking the magnets on top of each other to orient them and clearly mark all of their North and South poles.

If you have added the maximum amount of water to your cereal baggy and you still have too much thickness to pull any iron out, grab a sandwich baggie and spoon half of the cereal mix into it. Add more water to that bag and try again.

Yes, while messy, iron oxide is an inert and safe chemical to use. However breathing in large amount of dust from iron oxide can cause some irritation so for that reason we recommend keeping petri dishes covered when experimenting or having a parent help mix it in to slime. You can read up on the MSDS for iron oxide here.

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