Owl Pellet Dissection!

This box ships February 15th  2016. The last date to sign up is January 10th 2015.

This month Steminists explore Owl Pellets!
This box includes two owl pellets to dissect and re-construct a skeletal structure of  the animal they find inside.
Join us as we talk to Rosalyn, a raptor keeper at the Woodland Park Zoo , about all things owls!

Research owls and owl pellets  on the web!

Woodland Park Zoo :  Check out the different species of owls the Woodland Park Zoo is home to. Explore their site to learn about each owl.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology :   Learn all abou the different species of owls! How to identify them, their life history, sounds they make, and explore video footage!

Guardians of Ga'Hoole : A popular fictional series about an owl who becomes a legend!

Mary Anning : Mary Anning was an English palentologist in the 18th century. Read more to learn about her awesome discoveries!

IHeartUngulates.com : Check out art inspired by owls, their anatomy, and owl pellets!

Animal Atlas : Food web on the web! But seriously, this video explaining food webs by Animal Atlas is COOL!

John Hopkins Medicine : Hooray for research! Scientists explain how owls can turn their heads without cutting off their blood supply to the brain.

Hungry Owl : This non-profit advocates for the preservationa and care of owls in order to create an eco-friendly alternative to pesticides. Owls are a great natural approach to pest control!

BrainMaps.org : Who you callin' bird brain?! Check out these awesome cross sections of owl brains!

Owls of Harry Potter : Ever wondered what kind of owl Hedwig is? Or how about all the other owls that deliver Hogwarts mail? Here's your one stop shop to learn all about the owls of Harry Potter!

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection : Used up all of your real life owl pellets? No worries, you can practice your owl pellet disscetions online! Check out this cool game and practice your dissection skills.

The Paleontology Portal : Enjoyed digging through pellets to reconstruct the skeletal remains? Maybe you'd be interested in pursuing a career in paleontology! Check out the paleontology portal to learn more.

National Geographic : Now that you know a bit about an owl's place in it's food web, learn more about the other layers that make a food web work!

Scholastic : Feeling like you understand the complexities of natures' food webs? Give this food web game your best shot!