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Space exploration is a relatively new field of study and the search for talent is endless. This month we decided to give our steminists an early leg up on the competition. We want to instill the feeling that anything is possible, even if it starts just by launching a water bottle in your driveway. Simple things often open up a world of possibility. But we didn’t want this to be a one-and-done box, we wanted to take it a step further and introduce our steminists to a basic principle in rocket science—trigonometry. It may be early for some of our steminists, but we believe that any exposure is good, even if it doesn’t totally make sense at first! So let’s challenge our steminists this month to reach for new heights, in their backyards and in their dreams.

Experiment Instructional Videos

Research Rockets on the Web!

  • The Original "Computers"

    Were you a big fan of the Oscar nominated movie "Hidden Figures"? Us too! It's part of what inspired us to create a rocket-themed box this month. You can learn more about the original computers from Popular Mechanics' article!
    Read about the computers here!

    NASA Women Today

    "Hidden Figures" took place in the 1960s, but women have made great strides since then! Interested in studying space biology, engineering rockets, calculating flight paths, or something else? There are women at NASA who you can find real role models in!
    Find your role model here!

    The STEMulus

    Looking for a super cool stream of STEM science you can infuse in your everyday life? Then the STEMulus is for you. Hosted by Stephanie Evans, a real-life rocket scientist, this website links to the daily STEM happenings and vlogs about her life as a rocket scientist.
    Get to know Stephanie!

  • Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space Program is an insanely fun and addicting game that let's you desing rockets, launch, and sometimes crash them. But don't worry, the Kerbals are resilient creatures up for any challenge! This is a next level rocket program if you're looking for a challenge.
    Get the game!

    SpaceX and Blue Origin

    Commercialization of space exploration and rockets is a fast growing practice. Companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX are working hard to push the boundaries that federally funded programs like NASA have had trouble with in the past. One of the most notable achievements to date is Space X's landing of a rocket at sea. The ability to reuse a rocket greatly reduces the cost of space exploration and is a huge breakthrough in science.
    Watch SpaceX land a rocket at sea!

    Build a NASA Rocket

    At NASA's website you can pick your mission and build your own rocket! Missions from years past will include rocket parts that you can piece together and launch. Get to know the basic anatomy of a rocket and practice building!
    Start building!

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Troubleshooting the
Rocket Box

If a rocket is taking longer than 5 minutes to launch, do NOT approach it without safety glasses. Only adults should handle unlaunched rockets. While wearing your safety glasses you can grasp the bottle, being sure to point the bottom and stopper away from you. Treat the rocket as if it were a champagne bottle to be opened, the pressure should be much less in the rocket, and remove the stopper. Under no circumstances should you attempt to launch a rocket with the lid screwed on tightly. If you're concerned about the bottle launching upon approach you can use a plastic bucket or tub to hold over it while you try to grasp it, this will shield you from any unexpected launches.

If you're interested in keeping fins and noses on your rocket in a more permanent fashion we recommend using a hot glue gun or tacky glue to make sure everything stays put when the rocket lands. Depending on the height of your rocket launch it can be difficult to keep pieces from becoming bent or removed. So far only SpaceX has managed to correct this complication completely!

Baking soda and vinegar in equal amounts will work as rocket fuel for these projects. You can also experiment with Alka-Seltzer tabs in your mini rockets and water bottle rockets. Just be sure to use your safety gear at all times when experimenting!

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