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Wearable tech is all the rage right now! This month StemBox is proud to partner with Lectrify, a group that produces credit card sized popout circuit boards that allow you to customize your circuitry projects and experiments! We're exploring the burgeoning field of wearable tech by using Lectrify's Light It kits to create light up cell phone cases and other DIY tech projects. For more wearable tech ideas check out Lectrify's website.

Experiment Instructional Videos

Research Wearable Tech On The Web!

  • The Future of Wearable Tech by BuzzFeed Blue

    Catch up on the coolest and craziest wearable tech inventions with this fun video! From wearable solar panels to programmable clothing, the future has no limits!
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    Advances in wearable tech are much easier to imagine if you understand how electronics work in the first place!This website breaks down the basics.
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    PBS Kids Fidget Factory

    This online game is perfect for learning more about circuitry!Make your own Fidgits in the Fidgit Factory & help them get ready for the dance party before your power runs out.
    Play Fidget Factory!

  • Wareable.com

    Considering adding wearable tech into your STEMinist's daily routine or playtime? We stumbled upon this great guide for wearable tech toys for kids! Check it out!
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    Generation Challenge

    If you thought that last video was cool, just wait until you watch this one! Learn about more wearable technology that's coming your way by 2050! Bring it on!
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    Build more with Lectrify's pop-out pieces! Check out all of the cool at-home projects they have on their website!
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Troubleshooting the
Lectrify Light It Cell Phone Case

Never sewed before? No problem! Check out our video resources for a beginners guide to hand sewing courtesy of Professor Pincushion. This video offers great closeups and basics to get you started.

Make sure you are following the tutorial and protocol closely! You will want to end your stitches between pieces of the circuit, to avoid any confusing trails on the back of your sewing pattern. If you make a mistake, no worries, just cut the stitches out that you've done so far and try again. It may help to practice connecting this circuit by tying the pieces together while they aren't attached to the fabric so you can easily redo the wiring. Also make sure that the loops of conductive thread are touching the metallic pieces of your kit, pull those threads tighter if not!

This experiment requires the use of a needle, which can be sharp! Although a needle can't significantly injure you, pricking your finger can be painful! Just be sure to complete this experiment with an adult nearby so they can help you clean any needle pricks properly. Always be sure to keep track of your sharps by storing them in a safe place when not in use.

Yes, but there a few key steps to follow! First and foremost always remove your battery before washing your wearable tech. We recommend hand washing these pieces with a liquid (not powder) detergent. Avoid fully submerging your switches in water as well. Make sure that your wearable tech dries completely by hanging it up or laying it flat. Only plug in the battery when everything is 100% dry!

There are several places online to purchase more condcutive thread. The thread in our kits comes from Lame Lifesaver. You can buy it here!
You can also purchase a wider variety conductive thread and materials from AdaFruit here!

We hear ya! The conductive thread can be hard to thread through the eye of the needle so we highly recommend using our metal needle threader included in the sewing kit. Watch our tutorial to see how to do this (threading instructions begin at the 4:40 mark!), or go to this link for step by step photos here.

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