It's all about the science

A little about StemBox!

How StemBox Started

Hi there, Kina speaking! I received a Bachelor of Science degree in General Science in 2013 from Seattle University. Soon after I began working at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center researching genetic therapies for HIV.  I started StemBox after I  began to realize the disparity of women in STEM professions and leadership roles in STEM through my experiences in the field.  Growing up I remember there never being any challenging science kits for girls the way there were for boys.  I love makeup and soap, but as a budding scientist I always wanted to do more than that. This is why StemBox exists. Girls deserve the chance to  explore more than the stereotypical girly toys they are offered in the pink aisle. They deserve a chance to prove to the world they are more than  the pretty faces society says they are. Steminists are the next big thing, and  I can't wait to see how many StemBox can make.